Bill Dimmitt

Dance is a delicate balance between perfection and freedom.

No matter when you begin, it lasts the rest of your life. Don't put it off any more.

Ballroom Dance Classes
Beginning - Intermediate - Advanced

Mondays   6 weeks @ $65.00  Beverly Hills  (Jewish Center/Kellner Auditorium)

Wednesdays  8 weeks @ $80.00 Spring Hill  (Tracers/Spring Hill Drive)   


No partner is required.  A total of 12 dances are available; 2 dances are taught per 6 week classes, 3 dances per 8 week classes.

All classes begin at 6 PM

For more information, call Bill Dimmitt    352 345 8659

All classes guaranteed. If ever unsatisfied, return the unused portion of the our product and I will return the unused portion of your money.